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Kindergarten at Wee Care

The kindergarten program at Wee Care Child Development Center is state licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s State Board of Private Academic School’s Department of Education. It is a full day program taught by a board certified teacher with a B.S. in Elementary Education. The class size is kept at a maximum of 8-12 children to provide for the individual attention necessary at this age. This small group size allows for both remediation and advancement in the same classroom.

Our school year begins in September with our literature-based curriculum featuring the Scott-Foresman Reading series. Pre-reading strategies such as print awareness, directionality, story elements and phonics are integrated into this series in a small group basis. Social Studies and Science elements are part of our weekly lesson plans. Practical skills such as colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, handwriting are taught and reinforced on an ongoing basis.

Mathematics are introduced with the Scott Foresman/Addison-Wesley series. Manipulatives are used extensively to provide hands-on learning. Concepts taught include classification, sorting, patterns, number sense, measurement, time, money, geometry and problem solving.

Kindergarten is enriched with special subjects as well. Art and Music are integrated into the curriculum as well as daily physical education classes in our own gymnasium. Wee Care Child Development Center’s philosophy is that kindergarten should be a comfortable mix of both academic and social activities provided in a nurturing classroom setting!

Please contact us to enroll or learn more about our kindergarten program.