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Pre-K care at Wee Care CDC

Our Pennsylvania Department of Education accredited pre-kindergarten program is developed in accordance with the highest educational standards to promote kindergarten readiness and success. Our program introduces and reinforces early math concepts like number writing and identification, patterns, and beginning sequencing skills. We encourage your child to express themselves both in spoken and written forms. Weekly show-n-tell focuses on the letter of the week and encourages children to bring items from home that start with or sound like the letter we are learning in the classroom. Our lesson plans are thematically based with topics such as holidays, environmental themes, safety, seasons, and much more! Pre-reading and pre-writing skills are reinforced with developmentally appropriate materials and curriculum extensions. Computer skills, science, social studies, and music are taught in fun and imaginative ways.

Your child will be captivated with our brand new outdoor playground outfitted with velocity slides, climbing walls, swings and tilt-n-twirl spinners! They will also be challenged indoors in our gym with organized games and introduction to various sports such as soccer, t-ball, scooter hockey, and even parachute play and obstacle courses. Pre-Kindergarten at Wee Care Child Development Center will start your child on the road to academic success by building their self-esteem as an active learner and fostering a love of school!

Please contact us to enroll or learn more about our pre-kindergarten program.