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Preschool care at Wee Care

Our Pennsylvania Department of Education accredited preschool program is designed to offer a balanced, yet challenging curriculum to your child. Our learning centers introduce math, language development, science, dramatic play, music, art and computer skills in an engaging and fun way! Our classes are set up developmentally and children are transitioned at their own pace. Early childhood math, pre-writing and pre-reading concepts are taught and developed through activities such as sequencing and matching, as well as handwriting and story-telling.

Your child will be captivated with our brand new outdoor playground outfitted with velocity slides, climbing walls, swings and tilt-n-twirl spinners! They will also be challenged indoors in our gym with organized games and introduction to various sports such as soccer, t-ball, scooter hockey, and even parachute play and obstacle courses. Our preschool program will encourage your child’s emerging confidence and abilities to grow while offering learning experiences that challenge them and introduce them to the exciting and wonderful things their growing world has to offer.

Please contact us to enroll or learn more about our preschool program.