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Older toddler care at Wee Care CDC

Our toddler day care rooms are designed to meet the needs of your increasingly active and inquisitive child. Children grow and develop rapidly at this stage and we offer both a young toddler and older toddler room to accommodate their changing needs. Children are “moved up” or transitioned through the rooms after both the teachers and the parents jointly identify the need to do so. Our toddler areas are filled with blocks and puzzles to stimulate your child’s discovery skills. They are encouraged to develop their self-help skills by teaching them hand washing, putting on their coats, and potty training at their own pace. They enjoy the daily use of their very own playground area for outside play and when the weather does not cooperate, they have the opportunity to engage in gross motor activities and active play in our gym.

Parents are welcome to visit at any time. Daily reports are ready for parents at pick-up time each day. These reports detail your toddler’s day, including how they ate at lunch and snack time, potty training success, social skill development and naps, as well as songs, playtimes, and other exciting learning center activities that occurred during their day in our toddler program. Our weekly curriculum ensures growth in language development, fine and gross motor skills, sensory exploration, and art and music appreciation!

Please contact us to enroll or learn more about our toddler day care program.